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Starting a new career in the financial services business can be both exhilarating and exhausting. One of the key elements of early success is having access to the wisdom of producers who have preceded you. Check out "Quick! The Cement Is Drying" for 101 essays that convey this wisdom in a format that is inspiring and easy to read.

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Forward Progress Every Day
Don't be discouraged by setbacks. They are a natural part of growing your business. You can minimize the impact of the downward cycles through constant activity. When you are up, you need consistent activity and when you are down, you need consistent activity even more. After a good week, a good month or a big push to achieve a goal you may be tempted to let up just a little - don't do it! It only takes a couple of weeks for a slow down in activity to catch up with you and when it does, it's painful. Keep working through good times and bad.

The Activity Funnel

The financial services business, particularly the insurance side,  will always be a business of large numbers to small numbers especially in the early stages of a career. Picture a funnel with prospects pouring in the wide top. Not all of them will carry through and come out the narrow opening at the bottom as clients. The only way to widen this narrow opening is to widen the large opening at the top with more prospects.


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Sabine Robinson, CLU, M.S.
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