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Starting a new career in the financial services business can be both exhilarating and exhausting. One of the key elements of early success is having access to the wisdom of producers who have preceded you. Check out "Quick! The Cement Is Drying" for 101 essays that convey this wisdom in a format that is inspiring and easy to read.

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I'll try...

There is no commitment in the word "try." It weakens any sentence in which it appears. Do the following exercise if you aren't convinced: Lay a pen on your desk. Now "try" to pick it up. The pen will either remain on your desk or it will be in your hand. There is no in-between. It doesn't hover magically between your desk and your hand in an attempt to be either place. Replace "I'll try" with "I will" and you will physically feel the difference in your level of commitment.


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Sabine Robinson, CLU, M.S.
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