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Starting a new career in the financial services business can be both exhilarating and exhausting. One of the key elements of early success is having access to the wisdom of producers who have preceded you. Check out "Quick! The Cement Is Drying" for 101 essays that convey this wisdom in a format that is inspiring and easy to read.

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5 Beliefs You Need to Succeed
The following five beliefs will give you a structure on which to build your business philosophy. They are essential ingredients in your success. When you falter, consult these five areas to see where you need to improve.
  1. Belief in your company -- this is what you hang your hat on until you've gained some experience
  2. Belief in your products -- what you own trumps what you say every time
  3. Belief in your value as an advisor -- if you don't yet have your own stories about bringing value to your clients, listen to the veterans and internalize their tales
  4. Belief in a system of activity -- whether it's Granum or something else find a system and stick with it long enough to generate results
  5. Belief in goal attainment -- not just goal setting but doing what it takes to actually hit your goals consistently

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Sabine Robinson, CLU, M.S.
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